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Wet chain lube MUC-OFF 611 400ml

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Wet chain lube MUC-OFF 611 400ml
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Muc-Off Wet chain lube was developed by our team of in-house boffins to provide maximum protection, no matter what mother nature can throw at your chain! Extreme Lubes polymer formula penetrates deep into the chains links, to reduce wear and friction to a minimum in even the harshest of conditions. Our non-drying hydrophobic lubricant film sticks to every link even during a long, rain soaked ride! Rest assured that Muc-Off Bio Drivetrain Cleaner will remove it quickly when the time does come for a clean and re-application! 

An added benefit to our unique formula is that it includes a UV Dye, which means you can accurately see the lubricants specific coverage when using a UV Torch. This also allows you to wipe away any overspray that may have otherwise gone undetected.


  • Suitable for standard, O, X and Z-Ring chains.
  • For harsh weather on/off-road riding.
  • For High performance riding in the most extreme conditions.
  • Contains UV over spray dye
Náš kód: P17413
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